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Roof Types

Choosing the right roofing company does make a difference in how your home or building is roofed. Most people just assume anyone can do it.

At Big Apple Roofing, we favour roofing materials that are specially adapted for the Australian climate, produces or traps less heat, rugged, lasts long, lots of colours, can be integrated into the best of home designs and its history.

If this is what you’re looking for in your roof, then it is important that you need to talk to us.


Terracotta Roofs 

Made from clay, terracotta roofs are cheaper, aesthetically pleasing and longer lasting roofs meant for residential buildings and non-commercial buildings. Because of their materials, they are often more resistant to fire, help keep the building cooler and retain less moisture. Installing terracotta roofs require skill, carefulness and attention to detail. They are therefore, better installed by experienced roofing experts.


Zinc Roofs 

Zinc roofs are cost friendly roofing materials capable of lasting as long as 70 years in environments with the highest humidity. Malleable and capable of adapting to the building’s structure or roof design, zinc roofs are perfect for both residential and commercial buildings, require little or no maintenance. At Big Apple Roofing, we specialise in both zinc roof installations and zinc cladding systems.


Metal Roofs 

Metal roofing materials are typically lightweight, puts less stress on a building’s structure –unlike terracotta or tiles- can be adapted to either straight roofing or innovative roofing designs, have improved resistance to corrosion or rusting, and are very good for both residential and commercial buildings.


Slate Roofs 

Known as one of the finest roofing materials, slate roofs are known for giving your property the beauty and classic look it needs. This combined with excellent durability makes it the perfect roofing choice.  You can choose welsh slate roofs, Canadian skate roofs or Spanish slate roofs. Whichever you choose, slate roofs are perfect for both beauty and durability. They are premium roofs come in a wide variety of colors, are low maintenance and easy to install.


Polycarbonate Roofs 

Polycarbonate roofs are best for patio roofs and greenhouse roofs. It is also great for the sunroom and skylights if you have any. This is because it is transparent enough to let the light in without the heat or rain. It is hardy and capable of withstanding either extreme heat or torrential rainfall, thus making it perfect for the Australian weather.



Downpipes are important in draining water from the gutters and away from the roof. Installing your downpipes is as important as roofing your home. Downpipes can either be installed using fascia gutter line or square line gutter. Downpipes and gutters go hand in hand. Without one, the other doesn’t function.


Roof Color Roll Over Chart

Place your cursor over the colour squares to view that colour on the roof

BigApple Roofing loves Regent Paint   arizona amber peach riverclay terracotta desert clay homestead tuscan_red autumn rich_red rust burgundy deep_burgundy valley_brown tan homebush chocolate dark_brown manganese light_rivergum mist_green rivergum sherbrooke brunswick_green mountain_blue ghost_gum bendigo_grey slate_grey charcoal bluestone dark_charcoal birch_grey beige apricot pale_terracotta

Please note: colours display slightly different on all computer monitors. Contact a BigApple Roofing representative for a complete range of colours.

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Client Testimonials

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  • Rob many thanks for your quote, Dan and Brett did a beautiful job respraying etc on our roof. Punctual, polite and a pleasure to deal with as were you with the initial contact and quote and keeping us uptodate. Highly recommend your company.
  • Hi Rob, Thank you so much. I spoke to Lorraine (Unit 2) last night and told her payment was due. They are older people and she said to me they normally deal in cheques. She said she had no idea how to direct debit. They are very lovely and entirely honest...
    - Heather Falcon