How To Maintain Your Slate Roof Tiles

How often do you look at a person’s roof? The answer would surprise you! Over 60% of individuals always stop and take a look at the roof of a house. However, what many don’t realise is the type of material that is used for the roof. There is a bit of confusion about which material is used. Except one. Everyone knows slate roofs and everyone can tell when a house has one.

As amazing as these roofs are – and they are the best you can buy; guaranteeing you years of durability, everlasting style and strength against Melbourne’s changing weather – looking after these roofs can take a bit of effort.

So if you are looking to get slate roofs in your home, or if you have them already, we have the tips for maintaining these stunning tiles.

Tip 1: Check It Yourself

Sometimes all you need is a quick glance at your roof. Now and then (after the Winter or Summer months), take your time and check your roofs. Stand back from your house and take a glance at the condition of your roof. You will be able to tell from a distance if any problems or issues could be happening.

Tip 2: Look At Your Guttering

One of the most ignored sections of a roof – and one of the most pivotal – is your guttering. Letting your gutters overflow with gunk and debris will put unnecessary pressure on your roof. Nothing will happen right away because of the durability of the tiles, but over the years – especially if you leave it – will make the roof weaker. If you are noticing your gutter struggling under the weight, then look to get a gutter replacement from a professional.

Tip 3: Look Internally

Sometimes you will know there are problems with your slate roofing because of what is happening inside your home. Water drips, dips in the roof or leaks are a vital sign that there are problems in your roof. Check out your ceiling now and then to see if any problems are developing under the ceiling.

Tip 4: Speak To Professionals For Regular Inspections

There is no harm to get a professional roofing contractor to come over and look at your slate roof once in a while. They have eagle-eyes and can notice if there are any little or developing problems in your roof. From there, they can provide you with sound advice on what to do next and how you can manage it. How often and when should you look to bring a professional? A once a year check-up is best and always after summer or winter, as they are the most weather intense months.

We hope that these tips will help keep your slate roof in the best condition. If you would like more information or help with any roof repairs or restorations, speak to Melbourne’s best in Big Apple Roofing today.